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free shipping this Week On order over USD120

The shoes girl

Say goodby to boring shoes, let's make them more fun!

DIY butterfly patches
DIY butterfly patches

DIY Blue Butterfl Patches

3M Reflective Travis Scott Astroword


 I am so happy with the way the shoes turned out! The seller was very nice and responded quickly.

Ruby Porter

Amazing quality and speedy shipping! If you ARE LOOKING FOR A special pair, these are perfect for you!! Thank you so much!

Melissa Ashton

Just like the picture!! Super cute, I love them!! It's unique, it's different, and you can tell the amount of time it took to get the shoes perfect.

Kali Schwindt

Color is very beautiful, as picture, I washed it with a brush and not fall apart, GREAT quality, and will buy again for sure!100% recommend!

Arielle Hamacher

Cute fishes, color is great, also have bubbles, just like fishes under the water. My friends always ask me where to git it.LOL


Shoes Wash Test With Brushes

shoes(with butterflies and ladybugs on) washing test

Stickers On AF1 Wash Test After 65 days

Wear 65 Days for everyday-brushes wash test