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Order Over $120 can cover free FedEx shipping!
Order Over $120 can cover free FedEx shipping!

Q & A

Q: Is that totally true about the shoes people are "customizing"??? They just use these stickers too?

A: Yes, you can find the most butterfly shoes online are made with these patches, or ones need transfer paper. But need transfer ones are not so durable as these ones.

Q: Can i use normal iron?

A: If you have to use normal iron, please use the tip.

Turn off the steam, and keep the temperature between 130-150.

For normal iron is large and heavy, so please be carefully. Or you can put a thin fabric between the iron and sneakers, avoid harm the shoes.

Q: Is no transfer paper needed you just iron it straight on top?

A: Yes, not need any transfer paper, just iron on directly when you get the stickers. After iron all places of the image, they are sturdy and not easy peel off.

Q: How long it will take for the free shipping? Is there any faster shipping way?

A: Normal 7-10 days to UK

10-15 days to US, Germany

15-25 days to AU, Canada

but sometimes near Xmas, some packages will be delayed.

If you need it urgently, can choose the FedEx shipping way which cost of $20. You can check here:https://www.theshoesgirl.com/collections/fedex-shipping

Q: Can you do other patches?

A:Yes, the more designs will list here and my etsy store. The relative videos will upload on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/theshoesgirl

Q: Is there different styles for different size shoes?

A: Yes,different styles, sizes and colors will be list here. You can check it now and then.

Q: How does these work, i just iron them on the shoes and they will just stay on it?

A: Yes, you are right. You can take a look the video of how i DIY on the Air Force 1:https://bit.ly/35Ue9Fd. Just iron straight on the top, no need transfer paper.

After iron on, they are not easy to peel off, and waterproof.
You can see the video, the the end i take a water and brushing test. And there has another video about a shoes washing test-- i wear it 65 days on everyday with the stickers on, they are still perfect, and i am wear them now after completely washed.

 Q: Are you going to make more patches different style?

A: Sure, i will list more other designs when they are made out.

Q: What material is that?

A: PET film with low temperature hot melt powder back. Heat transfer, colorful, washable, flexible (after ironed), you can see that in my butterfly socks video. I had made a shoes myself, wear on everyday normal use (not running or play balls) in 65 days, and the stickers are still perfect.

Q: How do you make them? I'm interested.

A: All these are customized, sizes, colors, different craftsmanship. You can see some sell their butterfly shoes,the butterflies are without any legs or tentacles, but our patches, the tentacles and legs are clearly. Detail can tell!

Q: I absolutely love your stickers and want to do it myself but i was wondering what iron you used in your video to buy it!

A: The iron i used you can not use it, for the voltage is different with your country, it's for 220V, but you can buy a similar one on Amazon, called Clover Mini Iron, that one can also be used.

Q: I was wondering if these could be ironed on to Vans?

A: Sure, works better on Vans than AF1. For the Vans surface is fabric, af1's is leather. While the stickers are more durable on fabric, so the patches works on Vans better. I tried and can not take them off from Vans, so be carefully to place to the right place when you start to iron.

Q: You have some awesome heat transfers in your shop, i was wondering if you could make custom heat transfer images by request? Please let me know, thanks!

A: Yes, i can. It's depends on the quantity. If only custom several patches, not worth it, for the stickers need plate-making cost.

Q: What would be the minimum need to be for you to custom made?

A:It's not worth only for 1-2 pairs shoes, the plate-making fee is almost USD100, not have the quantity is not worth. But you can email me the ones you want to make, if i decide to make them, i will pay the custom plate fee.

Q: My child is a size 3 in kids and would like some Air Force 1s do you by any chance sell them with the butterfly's?

A: There has some listing with smaller butterflies, you can choose from the butterfly patches collection, the smaller ones can use for kid shoes. I will gather some listing for kids in furture.


Updated: The small sizes foe kid shoes had listed, you can purchase now.

Please check here: https://www.theshoesgirl.com/collections/for-kid-shoes

 Q: How can i check the status of order number?

A: You can track here: https://www.17track.net/en

 Q: Are your stickers removable once put on shoe? I'm broke but i love all of your stickers. I can only afford to buy one pair of Air Force 1s.

A: Yes, can be removable but not so easy, you have to peel them off piece by piece of one sticker. I tried to so do some test, remove a pair shoes, need more than half an hour, with help of your nails and knifes,if you iron them sturdy. Scratching them off need more patient.

So if you want to remove them, take time and carefully, sometimes you nails will get a little pain.

And the stickers can use on almost all shoes, they can be used on many cheap shoes too.


Q: Are these removable?

A: On AF1, yes you can,but not so easy, with your nails and knifes, take about half an hour for one shoes, and be careful and patient, you can scratch them off piece by piece.

But on Vans or Converse, or other fabric surface shoes, you CAN NOT remove them.

So be careful when you did on Van or Converse, when they ironed on, you can not peel them off, unless you want to ruin the shoes.


Q: Can I take them off or are their permanent and if they do come off does it leave a mark on the shoe?

A: Yes, you can take them off, but not easy, have to peel off piece by piece, use your nails or knife to scratch, take about half to one hour for a shoes, you can take them off.

They are not permanent, even an shoes can not promise permanent either. But they can last a long time, month ago i made a video--washing test of 65 days wear shoes everyday- you can take a look the video.
Will not leave a mark on shoes, they are just sturdy stick on the surface of the shoes.

Q: Ok so I can take off and add new sticker

A: Yes, you can, take time and be patient when you take them off.
And change another design, so you have many fresh decal shoes.