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Order Over $120 can cover free FedEx shipping!
Order Over $120 can cover free FedEx shipping!

Track Your Order

After i updated the tracking No, normally you will receive an notification of the tracking No, besides:

1. the email address you used to place the order is wrong, i always received returned email notification due to "can not found the email address" reason

2. your email is full, can not receive any other new emails:  also received some returned emails due to this reason.

3. icloud email address. Some guys used iphone to place the order, they will auto login with your icloud email, so please check that email address too.

i always shipped the orders within 1-3 days, then will update the tracking No.


When you get the tracking No, you can track here:


If your location is in US, also can track here:


Any questions about your order, please feel free to contact me: laufang22@gmail.com

or IG @theshoesgirlcustom

Thanks for your orders!