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Kanagawa Wave Patches for Custom Air Force 1 or Vans
Kanagawa Wave sneaker
Kanagawa Wave patches

Kanagawa Wave Patches for Custom Air Force 1 or Vans

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Get these easy use iron on kanagawa wave sitckers to DIY to create your own wave sneakers. Best size for DIY or custom  Air Force 1 & Vans.


Please STOP wasting money to buy the "NO RETURN, NO REFUND wave shoes. Try this iron on wave patches to DIY. Save lots of money!


Why use these wave stickers:

    • 1. Perfect sizes for sneakers and other items, such as socks, hoodies, jeans, jackets....
    • 2. Waterproof and flexible, when iron on, proved durable after washing test and brushing test. You can check the videos at the bottom of front page or my Youtube Channel: theshoesgirl
    • 3. Easy use, just iron on directly, no need any transfer paper, no need any sealer. Will not peel off even brushing in water! You can watch the test in my videos.


    • The set includes 2 wave patches, 2 sets is much more cheaper.
    • The shoes are not included in the set.

    • Size:
    • width 18.1 cm, 7.13 inches
    • Height: 5.5 cm, 2.17 inches

      Iron on patches, not embroidered ones, need iron it onto the sneakers, cloth, hats, hoodies, jackets or scarves, and anything else.

      Kind remind: better use mini iron on sneaker (or other uneven surface) and please keep the temperature between 130-150 ℃.


      This one will also list in my Etsy store, you can purchase it here:


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