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Order Over $120 can cover free FedEx shipping!

About Us

My name is Lau and I was studying visual arts at the university. At first it was just for fun to paint my favorite patterns on my shoes. turned out most of my friends were wearing the shoes i painted for them.At that time, our unique painted shoes worn by roommates or class became a beautiful landscape in our university. Slowly, my painting skills were more mature, and many unique design ideas had turned from the brain into reality. This feeling was really amazing!


Due to the pressure of academics and the limited time, I did not paint for a lot of people I didn't know. There was really no more spare time. Later, the students of the foreign school were even willing to pay for my paintings, and some even did not use them themselves, but took my work to sell them at their colleges.


I realized that this was a business opportunity. Since so many people like my paintings, why not let more people saw them and have them? Later, I joined the other two students (Julia and Samantha) and boyfriend Anderson to form theshoesgirl at university.


Now that we all had graduated, and want to let more people know about theshoesgirl, let more people feel the charm of custom shoes. After all, life is too short to be boring. Color your kicks!

Any question, please feel free to contact me laufang22@gmail.com.