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How to use the reflective patches to decal your shoes?

How to use the reflective patches to decal your shoes?

Our reflective patches are different with other sellers.

Please look at the pictures:

reflective butterfly for shoes decal

reflective lv patches for shoes decal

The 1st different is no need to peel the un-want (useless) parts. Our patches are made out that way, you can directly iron on them, no need to peel useless parts.


How to use them when you received?

As i said no need peel anything, but you have to do:

  1. Adjust your iron to 135-140℃
  2. Use tape to position the patches on shoes, think over where you want to iron them on
  3. Iron straight on the top, (be careful not to iron on shoes surface) do not rush to peel the vinyl, move on to iron another one. This step is very important, some told me the reflective patches are not stick, this is the reason. The reflective ones are COLD PEEL, that means can only the ironed placed are totally COOL DOWN, then to peel the vinyl.
  4. After the ironed ones are cool down, peel the vinyl.


  1. If the surface you are ironed is uneven, such as swoosh, seam area, i suggest to cut it to pieces, then iron each piece, to form a complete pattern. For the vinyl is thicker than the colored ones, hard to iron the corners.
  2. If some placed not ironed well, you can iron again. But if you peeled the vinyl and found some places not ironed on, do not worry, you can slightly iron on them without the vinyl.


If you do well as i said above, you will find the reflective ones are very hard to remove.

Even you want to change another pattern later, it will take you a long time and patient to peel piece by piece. And that is why they are so sticky!


So your shoes can be normal use, and when shoes get dirty, you can wash them. And this is the 2nd different with others. In my tutorial video, you can see they are still perfect after washed and brushed. While others’ reflective ones can not promise you can be washed or brushed.

reflective playboy bunny brushing test

reflective lighting af1 brushing test

Check more reflective patches here: https://www.theshoesgirl.com/collections/3m-reflective


Any questions about how to use them, please feel free to let me know, i am here to help.

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  • Yes, will work on slip on Vans.

  • would the reflective patches work on slip on vans

    Patty Touriel

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